星期四:其他剧集剧情提要 (2014-6-26)

天涯飘萍生(DONATINO)2014-06-26 22:10

《Last Comic Standing》S08E06《Challenge 1 – Sketch》

CHERYL HINES MENTORS TOP 10 COMICS – Host JB Smoove assigns the final 10 comics their first group challenge, testing them in the art of sketch comedy. The 10 comedians divide into two groups, each receiving the same comedy sketch script they’ll have to perform that night in front of a live audience. Helping them will be surprise celebrity mentor Cheryl Hines (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), and the winning team will be granted immunity from elimination. Then it’s time for a stand-up challenge at the famed Hollywood Improv among three players on the losing team. Judges Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters decide who wins the stand-up challenge – and which two players will be going home.

《老大哥》(Big Brother US)S16E02《Episode #2 – Nominations #1》

The very first BB Season #16 set of nominations for eviction are revealed.


《地狱厨房》(Hell’s Kitchen)S12E16《7 Chefs Again》

After spending time with three former HELL’S KITCHEN contestants, this season’s remaining seven contestants prepare for a dinner service with special guests from Oxfam America, including Academy Award nominee and Oxfam America ambassador, Minnie Driver (“Good Will Hunting”). Later, during the dinner service, two contestants struggle with their stations, leading to an early elimination in the middle of the dinner service.  

《Maron》S02E08《Mouth Cancer Gig》

Marc is dreading an upcoming road trip. He’s tired of doing the same old material and is anxious at the thought of writing new stuff but his anxiety reaches a peak when he discovers a sore that he believes to be mouth cancer.

《Comedy Bang! Bang!》S03E08《Tony Hawk Wears A Plaid Shirt And Silver Watch》

Tony Hawk offers advice to a couple of crew members.

《甜心波波来啦!》(Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)S04E02《Yodega》

June’s “b*tching” and nagging lands Sugar Bear sick in bed from stress. Will June have to permanently alter what comes out of her mouth to keep her man healthy? Or will Sugar Bear’s de-stressing techniques like “yodega” and racing be more beneficial?

《甜心波波来啦!》(Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)S04E03《Bingo Face》

June’s love of couponing takes over, leaving Sugar Bear looking for ways to exploit her addiction for affection. The sisters try being affectionate too, as a new “be nice” contest has high stakes: the spare room. Little do they know the contest is rigged.

《NY Med》S02E01(新季)

After nearly two years of production, “NY MED” is back. This fast-paced, eight-part series mostly toggles between the orderly operating rooms of Manhattan’s New York-Presbyterian Hospital — the primary venue for the series — where renowned surgeons perform feats of medical brilliance, and the sometimes hectic trauma wards of Newark’s University Hospital where skilled doctors gallantly struggle to treat a flood of gunshot, stabbing and life-threatening trauma cases. The surgeons of NY MED never forget that there are limits to what medical science can do and that sometimes their best efforts come up short. In “Episode 201,” which airs THURSDAY, JUNE 26 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), viewers will encounter the following patients, doctors and nurses:

Most people know America’s most famous doctor as “Dr. Oz,” but Mehmet Oz was a cardiac surgeon long before TV discovered him, and he still is, performing surgeries most weeks of the year. In this premiere episode, surgeon Oz stops to chat with 27-year old Juan Vasquez who has come to the ER with discomfort in his chest. In a blood-chilling instant, Juan convulses in agony and the look in Oz’s eyes is unmistakable. This is a life-threatening crisis. Oz believes the man’s aorta has ripped from his chest down to the main artery in his leg. Every second counts and Oz knows he must make perfect decisions in exactly the right order if this young man’s life can be saved.

For a year, Shawn Alsop has kept a secret from his wife Tameka. He has a tumor on his spine that could be cancerous and will require a dangerous surgery to remove. There is a possibility that the operation could damage nerves and leave Shawn paralyzed. When he finally tells Tameka about his medical condition, she is terrified that their three young boys could grow up with a severely handicapped dad. But most of all, she is also furious that Shawn kept her in the dark until a few days before the operation. The good news is that Dr. Philip Stieg, one of the country’s top neurosurgeons, is on their side. And Dr. Stieg swears he won’t let them down.

Ashley Winter is a 28-year old New York-Presbyterian urology resident meeting with patients for the first time without a senior doctor present. Many of them suffer from erectile problems so chronic that surgery is their only chance to restore some degree of function. Navigating the intimate emotional landscape of men nearly twice her age is challenging. And at least one patient believes his marriage depends on finding a solution to his impotence.

Gunned down on the streets of Newark, 20-year old Jalen Riley is literally riddled with bullet holes. Doctors struggle to count the number of entry and exit wounds. Jalen’s mother is distraught as she awaits word from the medical staff on his condition. But at University Hospital, there are no lost causes. And trauma surgeon Adam Fox determines that the bullets have miraculously missed most vital organs. Still, it will be a battle to stop the bleeding. Fox wonders what lessons, if any, will young Jalen learn if he survives?

Marina, Diana and Katie–the ER’s compassionate, competent and sometimes hilarious nurses from the first season of NY MED–return. They confront everything from subway tragedies to romantic suitors feigning medical syndromes. In this first episode, they treat a young woman with a bizarre injury that leaves the staff both baffled and impressed.