星期四:其他剧集剧情提要 (2013年7月18日)

天涯飘萍生(DONATINO)2013-07-18 23:18

《天桥骄子》(Project Runway)S12E01《Sky’s The Limit》(新季)

In the Season 12 opener, the designers fly high when they arrive on an airport runway and then must create looks from parachute materials.

Celebrities such as Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, who recently split from Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill, Kelly Osbourne, Kate Bosworth and original Project Runway judge Michael Kors will all appear as guest judges during season 12, but of course, the main focus is always the dueling designers—and the new batch looks to be truly dramatic as one contestant even goes “missing,” while another threatens to “smash this camera right now!”

And for the first time ever, Gunn will have the ability to “save” of one the contestants if he feels they deserve a second chance. We. Love. It. But will the beloved mentor actually use his rescue? You’ve got to watch our exclusive sneak peek at season 12 above to find out!


《夏令营》(Summer Camp)S01E02《S’more Drama》

After first round elimination votes are announced, the men believe there is a rat among them! With one rogue vote, suspicions grow about who went behind the group’s back. Summer romance ignites between campers at the poolside weekly camp social. Camp counselor elections get heated when there’s a tie and one camper betrays the other to win the title. This week’s color war is s’more inspired. In the end, another camper is sent packing.


《好莱坞游戏夜》(Hollywood Game Night)S01E02《Don’t Kill My Buzz-ER》

Two contestants will lead their team of three celebrities, which include Valerie Bertinelli, Cheryl Hines, Sarah Chalke, Yvette Nicole Brown, Rob Riggle and Matthew Morrison, in hopes of winning the $25,000 grand prize. A series of unique party games will bring out the best, funniest and most competitive sides of some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars in this hilarious no-holds-bar competition hosted by Jane Lynch. 

《The Winner Is…》S01E04《Million Dollar Surprise》

Six acts go head to head in front of a panel of 101 music experts who determine the winning performance. Before the voting results are revealed, the contestants must decide whether to take a tempting cash offer to walk away or stay in the game and let the votes decide. The winner of each episode earns a spot in the Million Dollar Season Finale where the payouts increase and someone wins one million dollars! 

《凡人英雄》(The Hero)S01E06《Endurance》

Contestants test their skills with primitive weapons and navigate a dangerous underground cave in the Team Challenge. As the competition nears America’s vote, the contestants fight to prove who is most heroic. In the War Room, Dwayne asks the hero hopefuls� “What if?” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson serves as mentor and motivator to the contestants.

《老大哥》(Big Brother)S15E10(美国)

《Wipeout》S06E08《Newlyweds: Love and Other Wipeouts》

In the first-ever “Newlyweds” edition of “Wipeout,” 12 teams of just-married couples will rock our Cradle of Tough Love before everlasting memories are made during their time on the Honeymoon in Paree. Then things will heat up during Wipeout’s Greatest Hits: Summer of Love. Our newlyweds include The Music Lovers, Dave’s Roommates and a couple whose family doesn’t even know they’ve tied the knot. In the end, only one newly minted matrimonial team will have $50,000 reasons to help live happily ever after. 

《Degrassi: The Next Generation》S13E03《All I Wanna Do》

Tristan wants to put an end to his roommates’ teasing. Meanwhile, Alli tours Paris.

《Sullivan & Son》S02E08《Rumspringa》

Steve’s morals are tested when Ruth, an innocent Amish girl, enters the bar on her Rumspringa, searching for a man to give her a “wooden bird.” Things get more complicated when Owen becomes convinced Ruth is his long-lost-sister. He suddenly becomes her over-protective big brother. Meanwhile, Ok Cha becomes addicted to the power of her first credit card and gets into a minor traffic accident with a NASCAR driver (guest star Brad Keselowski).

《地狱厨房》(Hell’s Kitchen)S12E17《4 Chefs Compete》

In a classic HELL’S KITCHEN challenge, the final four chefs will use only their senses of sight, taste and smell to identify the ingredients in Chef Ramsay’s dish and recreate it. The chef whose dish comes the closest to Chef Ramsay’s earns a shopping spree and spends quality time with Chef Ramsay at his restaurant, The Fat Cow, while the losing team clears out the dorms on moving day. Later, the pressure at dinner service is immense as the chefs run the pass. Then, Chef Ramsay must make one of the most difficult decisions yet and send two of the four chefs home. Find out who makes the cut.

《愤怒管理》(Anger Management)S02E28《Charlie and the Cheating Patient》

Charlie suspects Jen’s boyfriend, Sean, is cheating on her with his patient, Lacey (Noureen DeWulf). Also, Nolan’s apartment gets robbed.

《Showville》S01E08《Hugo, Oklahoma》(季终集)

Auditions and competition in Hugo, Okla.


Wilfred forces Ryan to collaborate on a birthday gift for Jenna.