星期四:其他剧集剧情提要 (2014-7-3)

天涯飘萍生(DONATINO)2014-07-03 19:45

《甜心波波来啦!》(Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)S04ESP《WatchNTweet: Yodega》(特别集)

With added facts, tweets, and bonus scenes – June’s “b*tching” and nagging lands Sugar Bear sick in bed from stress. Will June have to permanently alter what comes out of her mouth to keep her man healthy? Or will Sugar Bear’s de-stressing techniques like “yodega” and racing be more beneficial?

《甜心波波来啦!》(Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)S04ESP《WatchNTweet: Bingo Face》(特别集)

With added facts, tweets, and bonus scenes – June’s love of couponing takes over, leaving Sugar Bear looking for ways to exploit her addiction for affection. The sisters try being affectionate too, as a new “be nice” contest has high stakes: the spare room. Little do they know the contest is rigged.

《甜心波波来啦!》(Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)S04E04《Top 10 Summer Moments》

Alana counts down her favorite summer Boo memories, from ice blocking, to digging back yard mud pits, to kissing giraffes, but what will her number one summer memory be?

《地狱厨房》(Hell’s Kitchen)S12E17《6 Chefs Compete》

After Chef Ramsay hands out the final black jackets, the remaining six chefs head to the University of Southern California to prepare tailgate fare for hungry football fans. The chefs who earn the most fan votes will be treated to an exquisite lunch in Malibu, complete with wine tasting, while the other chefs will return to HELL’S KITCHEN to separate trash on recycling day. Later, tempers flare during the first black jacket dinner service, and two of the weakest links will be put up for elimination.

《Maron》S02E09《Yoga Teacher》

Marc hits it off with Rachael Harris by comparing their bad relationship scars. When Marc pursues her, she wants him to prove he’s over his anger issues by joining her yoga class.

《Comedy Bang! Bang!》S03E09《Alison Brie Wears A Black Mesh Top And Mini-skirt》

Comedy Bang! Bang! gets a talk show makeover and we learn about Reggie’s favorite baseball team. Alison Brie reveals the secrets of her acting process, while a German film director tells us about his plans to make another film.

《老大哥》(Big Brother US)S16E05《Episode #5 – HoH Comp #2 & Nominations #2》

《NY Med》S02E02

Hugo treats a couple after they sustain injuries during a violent home invasion. A wall street banker seems to be accurate in his diagnosis. Doctors work with a man who wants to be a Marine.

Hugo Razo grew up in a modest home in a small California city where young Mexican-Americans like him were often pressured to join gangs. He struggled in high school and says most people thought he’d most likely end up doing physical labor of some kind such as janitorial work. But his determination to prove them wrong led him to turn it around and get on the path that would lead to his becoming a skilled ER doc at a major hospital. When a young professional couple arrives in the ER injured after a violent home invasion, Dr. Razo is the one who treats and ultimately reassures the pair that life will go on and their wounds, both physical and emotional, will heal. With his imposing stature and physique, Dr. Razo is also adept at assisting security guards when they have to subdue the occasional unruly or violent patient.

Fast-talking and confident, the willowy Debbie Yi wins high praise for her ability to accurately diagnose patients. But medicine was not this former Wall Street banker’s initial career path. And then, personal tragedy struck her family and she had the epiphany that led her to switch jobs. She says that giving back and helping patients is her mission.

For as long as he can remember, Chris Molnar wanted to be a United States Marine. Young and fit, he threw himself into the long days and rigors of marine boot camp. What he couldn’t know was that his own body would sabotage him one day. Now, his life and his dreams for the future depend on the ingenuity and skill of New York-Presbyterian doctors.

《The Secret Life of Students》S01E01(新节目)(英国)

The Secret Life of Students follows all the drama and goings-on from twelve students embarking on their first year at Leicester University.

The students have to deal with homesickness as the lectures start and the reality of living away from home sets in.

《Child Soldiers of WW2》(特别节目)(英国)

Following the stories of the boys who during the second world war, lied about their ages to serve their country. The show profiles soldiers such as Ted Roberts, who has been brought up in the slums of Kings Cross, he signed up when he was just 15. Stan, left his troubled family home aged 15, however was soon discharged when his mother wrote a letter to his commanding officer revealing her sons real age. However, Stan managed to join up to another regiment when he was back in London. Albert tells his story, as he became a sailor at the age of 15 and took part in the battle of BIsmarck just a year later, aged 16.