星期日:其他剧集剧情提要 (2014-5-4)

天涯飘萍生(DONATINO)2014-05-04 22:52

《美国筑梦者》(American Dream Builders)S01E08《Downtown Lofts》

The dueling teams tackle two empty artist lofts in downtown Los Angeles this week. Their focus will be to present a project that defines them most as a designer. Feeling the pressure, Darren of Team Red builds a unique project in his attempt to prove to the judges he deserves to stay in the competition. Nina Magon takes lead on Team Blue, but she and Jay struggle to divide their odd-shaped open floor plan into multiple living areas. Lukas Machnik serves as site manager for Team Red. One designer is sent home. Nate Berkus hosts while Eddie George and Monica Pedersen serve as judges.



Selina enjoys a secret lunch with a major strategist that she hopes could become her campaign manager, even though Amy and Dan are vying for the job. Maddox invites the vice president to his country estate.

《凶案背后》(Those Who Kill)S01E08《Insomnia》

An ominous letter endangers Thomas’ career and family; Catherine works to overcome a personal loss.

《丽芙与麦蒂》(Liv and Maddie)S01E18《Flashback-A-Rooney》

Maddie is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a letter from the Junior Olympics that will tell her if she’s been invited to try out for the basketball team.

《不是我干的》(I Didn’t Do It)S01E09《Now Museum, Now You Don’t》

Logan and Lindy’s sibling rivalry gets heated when they both land jobs at the Chicago Museum of Art. Meanwhile, Delia is convinced she is a decedent of Nefertiti and recruits Jasmine and Garrett to help her collect a DNA sample from the mummy exhibit. Guest starring Beth Grant (“The Mindy Project”) as Museum Director Judy Tanzer-Dinkins

《辛普森一家》(The Simpsons)S25E20《Brick Like Me》

Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of Legos. Can he “put together” how he got there, and figure out how to get home before he’s stuck in a world of bricks forever?

《开心汉堡店》(Bob’s Burgers)S04E20《Gene It On》

Tina decides to try out for the cheerleading squad, but it’s actually Gene who gets noticed in the crowd for his spirit and cheering ability. Meanwhile, during her cheer audition, Tina falls and bites her tongue, leaving her unable to speak – and a mischievous Louise steps up to be her translator.

《恶搞之家》(Family Guy)S13E19《Meg Stinks!》

Meg signs up for the high school newspaper club as Brown University’s academic requirement, but Peter replaces her original article with one about Luke Perry’s supposed homosexuality. This lands Meg in hot legal water with Perry, so Peter decides to “prove” that the actor is gay.

《美国老爸》(American Dad)S09E18《Permanent Record Wrecker》

Stan is fired from the CIA in a round of budget cuts, but since his 20 years of work experience are classified and hidden from his “permanent record”, the only job he’s able to land is at the local grocery store where Steve is the manager. Meanwhile, Roger bets an annoying coffee shop musician (guest voice Robin Thicke) that he can outplay him in one week. To accomplish his goal, he enters into a Faustian bargain with Lorenzo (guest voice Stanley Tucci), a guitar-instructing infomercial host.

《Years of Living Dangerously》S01E04《Ice & Brimstone》

Lesley Stahl makes her way to Greenland to find out more about the effects of global warming in the Arctic. Ian Somerhalder is in North Carolina to listen to both sides of an evangelical community’s arguments about climate change.

《忍者神龟》(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)S02E16《The Lonely Mutation Of Baxter Stockman》

The Turtles create a retro-mutagen to restore Kirby O’Neil to his human form. Meanwhile, Baxter Stockman threatens to mutate April which doesn’t go well. Baxter gets mutated into a fly.


Vera investigates after the son of a prominent local family is discovered murdered on the beach at Whitley Bay. A witness saw local arcade owner Larry Crowe arguing with David Kenworthy on the night of his death.